Granada High School Club

Monday Nights at 7:44 pm
Granada's Little Theatre
Contact: Mindy (925) 980-6005
Follow on Instagram : YL​GRANADA

Livermore High School Club 

Monday Nights at 7:44 pm
Granada's Little Theatre
Monthly event at Livermore Student Union
Contact: Lauren (925) 784-4290
Follow on Instagram : LHSYL

Foothill and Amador club 

Monday Nights at 7:27 pm
Students homes:   check with Haylie and follow the Pleasanton Instragram!
Monthly event at Amador Multipurpose room
Contact: Haylie (925) 819-1383
Follow on Instagram : Pleasanton_YL

Dublin Club
Monday Nights at 7:44 pm
Alternates weekly between Granada's Little Theatre and Dublin Small group setting, check with Kate and follow the Dublin Instagram!
Contact: Kate (916) 761-4709
Follow on Instagram: DublinYounglife

​Christensen WyldLife - Middle school fun!

Starting this Fall!
Location: park near Christensen Middle School
Contact: Keri Swanger (925) 784-5225

​Mendenhall WyldLife - Middle school fun!

Girls Fridays 2:30 pm @ Wrights house: 2191 Kara Place, Livermore 
Boys Wednesdays 1:45pm @ Jack Williams Park off Neptune
Contact: Jeannette (925) 998-4030

College Group
Thursday Nights at 7pm
Alternating between:
  • The Bleas: 483 Knottingham Circle, Livermore
  • The Thralls: 1894 Heidelberg Drive, Livermore
Contact: Jeannette (925) 998-4030

​Capernaum - Special Needs Kids!

Starting this Fall !
Location: Valley Community Church
Contact: Russell (925) 980-1501

Heads up!!! ​Clubs are not held on days when school is not in session!

​Hope to see you soon !

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